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Wow! Shopping! All ladies love to shop. It is a great stress buster. Ladies have a plethora of options to choose in all areas, be it shoes, jewelry, clothes or accessories. If you take handbags, for instance, there are great designs and styles which is also quite confusing. One such brand of bags is Chanel handbags for women who love to shop.

Coco Chanel designed her first bag in 1929. Later in February 1955, she introduced shoulder hanging bags which changed handbag history. Chanel has always innovated new designs and created new features as add-ons to the shapes locks etc. like mademoiselle lock, leather woven straps. Chanel has always inspired designs through its creations. Classic Flap bags leather entwined chains are to name a few of the trendsetters.

The classic collection range is a very well-known range of bags e.g. Cerf Tote which was introduced in 2005.

Online stores the range of bags are well showcased. It is a very famous brand in handbags. Those who have them can swear by it. Women just love the style and the feel of the purse. They are made of some very unique quality leathers.Chanel Caviar leather or Chanel Lambskin leather, Chanel Patent Leather are some of the products they use. Every design has a story behind it. Every style is an inspiration from real life. Thus these bags are idiosyncratic.

Chanel is a prized possession of every woman who has bought it. The very bag can speak volumes about the brand.One of the top labels in the market. They have come up with unique designs like the specially designed chains,lock, and material used. It is now a very expensive brand with some bags costing $6000.  Regular buyers would find the cost very competitive. It is many a women’sdreams to own a Chanel Handbag.…

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