Are Detox Pills Good For Business?

Every company that wants to ensure that it is hiring the right employee, is including a drug testing policy in its contract. It is a well-planned initiative on the behalf of business owners and the corporate industry because losing out employees due to failed drug tests, low productivity at work and negative impact on the work environment are not compatible with success. However, there are a thousand ways to trick a drug test result in the favor of the employee. Detox pills are abundantly available and every detox pill company is trying its best to sell a product better than before.

Is this good news for a business or a company? Let’s find out.

What do these pills do?

These detox pills made to pass drug tests, are not only making it easier for employees to escape being exposed but are also making them believe that doing drugs is fine as long as you are not caught. These pills contain cleansing substances that drive the drug out of your system faster than other methods can. So while you are technically not cheating a drug test, you are definitely doing more harm than good. Once the drug is flushed out of your system and you pass the drug test with flying colors, you can go back to taking drugs without batting an eyelid.

How can detox pills affect business?

Once an employee takes a drug test and clears it, he or she continues with the job and the employer or the business head can do nothing about it even if there are visible signs of drug intake. Low work productivity, impact on the environment at work and attrition rates will continue to go higher because of the abundance of these detox pills.

The best way to avoid all these troubles is to steer clear of drugs and the need to take detox pills for the same.…

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