Having to run your own business can be tough with the numerous situations to handle. Then again getting the right balance between growing your business along with keeping clients as well as staff happy can is hard to achieve. In times like this one is often ridden by guilt about not being able to do all at the same time.

If your business services deal with house cleaning service we have a few tips that can help you not feel so guilty about not getting the balance right at all times.

Earn the trust: This applies to both the clients who are allowing a stranger to enter and clean their house based on faith they have on you. Also, your staff enters the homes of people they don’t know simply because you have asked them to.

It is essential that both parties are able to trust you. For which it is important to get a complete background check for the maids, also get them to sign a security bond so the clients feel safe. You also must give the employees an ID card with all information on it. Other than that, it is important that you also get your staff insured.

Use only High quality: If you use poor quality stuff you will always be guilty in case there is a harsh feedback. Even if better quality stuff cost you more, you will be guilt free for having used only the best.

Charge prices that are fair: There are many business services at great prices.  It is best to charge prices that are not too low that they make your business appear below par, and not too high that clients are driven away. You can charge anything like per hour, per room or even charge a flat rate. But maintain these prices and do not fluctuate depending on how the client is.

Most importantly be accommodating, whether it is for your staff or clients. Never push so hard that you drive people away.