I love holidays and staying at a good hotel makes my holidays memorable. A good hotel which provides a cozy and warm place to relax along with the local beauty can definitely bring back a traveller to the destination for a revisit.

The hotels I best enjoyed staying at had all the amenities to keep me comfortable. The cleanliness, food and drinks, ambience with a good lighting, and security features played a key role in making me comfortable. I loved the lighting in my guest room as it met my requirements and also lifted up my holiday spirit.

The guest room lights can make your customer feel at home by influencing emotions. In this era of go green, hotels should transition from incandescent and halogen lamps to compact fluorescent lamps or the LEDs. Ability to dim the lights and make it apt to serve the purpose is an important criterion. The switches should be labelled in the guest room to avoid confusion. A master switch should be provided to turn off all lights while leaving. The reading lights mounted on the walls should have separate switches. All the areas in the guest room should be well illuminated. The bathrooms should have vapour free lamps and should be covered.

The lighting system should be easy to operate. It should not be intuitive for guests. Quality has to be maintained. Robust and durable fixtures specifically designed for hotels should be used.

There is no replacement for natural light. Natural light should always be incorporated in the initial stages while planning a guest room.

Lighting can make a hotel stand out from the others. Having an easy operating lighting system which suits the varied purpose and adds to the interior decor can attract a huge customer flock and thus boosts business.